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November 20, 2019

The NSW Labor Opposition has demanded the NSW Liberal and Nationals Government table the scoping study report it has commissioned into the sell-off of the Forestry Corporation in the Legislative Assembly and face a vote on whether it should be sold off.
NSW Shadow Minister for Natural Resources, Paul Scully, this morning moved a Notice of Motion in the Legislative Assembly, which called on:

  1. The Deputy Premier, Minister for Regional NSW and Minister for Industry and Trade to table and present a ministerial statement on the outcome of the scoping study into Forestry Corporation.
  1. The scoping study should be publicly released, tabled and the ministerial statement made in the Legislative Assembly prior to its consideration by Cabinet.
  1. The people of New South Wales own the Forestry Corporation and their elected representatives in this place should determine its future, especially in rural and regional NSW.

Mr Scully said: “My motion makes very clear that Forestry Corporation is currently owned by all of us and its future should be decided by all of us."
“The NSW Liberal and Nationals Government didn’t take their plan to sell-off Forestry Corporation to the 2019 NSW election and it does not have a popular mandate to flog it off to the highest bidder." 
“My motion will force every Member for Parliament, especially all MPs representing rural and regional NSW, many of them representing communities where Forestry Corporation is a major employer and crucial to supporting their local economies, to either vote this proposal up or down in full public view on the floor of the Parliament." 
The Notice of Motion says the Deputy Premier and Minister responsible for the Forestry Corporation table and make a ministerial statement on the scoping study prior to its consideration by NSW Cabinet.
“I think the 516 workers in Forestry Corporation are entitled to know what their future will be and at the moment there is tremendous uncertainty across the industry because everything is tied up in the secrecy of the Government’s scoping study." 
“The people of NSW are entitled to know what will happen to an asset that they currently own and has delivered more than $124 million in dividends since 2011 to help pay for local schools, hospitals and roads." 
“The Government will try to keep this scoping study behind closed doors for as long as possible while it does deals with big merchant bankers, and high priced Sydney-based lawyers and accountants." 
“My motion will place the Parliament back into the heart of this proposal by forcing every local MP to stand up for their local communities and support local jobs”, Mr Scully said.
The Notice of Motion will be debated next year when the NSW Parliament resumes sitting for 2020.