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August 14, 2019

The Acting Premier’s faith in the potential of Wollongong and the need for investment in the area has been welcomed by the Member for Wollongong, Paul Scully.


But John Barilaro now needs to walk the talk, delivering real action and real results.


The Acting Premier told WIN News last night:


…Wollongong is a growth centre, we can’t hide from that.  It’s a big city with huge potential and we are going to have to continue to invest in that infrastructure.


Mr Scully said that the state’s third largest city had been ignored for too long by the Berejiklian-Barilaro Government.


“We’ve been lumped in with the huge populations of Sydney and Western Sydney with no hope of ever getting a fair shot at a fair share of funding under a range of programs.


“Worse than that, we were left out of both the metropolitan and regional sports infrastructure grants  leaving us with nothing to apply for.


“Community, sport and industry groups in Wollongong deserve the opportunity to at least be eligible to apply for funding.


Mr Scully said it was time for action on Wollongong’s infrastructure investment needs including re-opening of the Wollongong Hospital ‘ghost ward’; the upgrade of the Wollongong Entertainment Centre, repair and maintenance for social housing assets in the Wollongong local government area; upgrading Picton Road and upgrading Unanderra Station by installing its lifts.


“The Acting Premier is right that Wollongong has a great future and huge potential.


“We are being let down though by a Government which only focuses on infrastructure projects in Sydney, which are bungled, beset by budget blow-outs and running late.


“While we welcome John Barilaro’s faith in the third largest city in the state, it really is time he walked the talk and opened up the Government’s wallet so we can build on our strengths and invest in our future.


“It’s time Wollongong got its fair share of funding, not just rhetoric.”