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May 31, 2018

Shadow Minister for Sport Lynda Voltz has joined Member for Wollongong, Paul Scully MP, and Labor candidate for Heathcote, Maryanne Stuart, to call on the Berejiklian Government to give Wollongong sports clubs a sporting chance when it comes to sports facilities grants.


In a decision that defies explanation, the nearly 40,000 registered sporting players of clubs in the Wollongong local government area were declared ineligible by the Berejiklian Government to even apply under both regional and metropolitan funding programs for the upgrade of sporting facilities.


Wollongong, Newcastle and the Blue Mountains are the only three local government areas in NSW completely left out of programs to fund upgrades, or build new facilities such as change rooms, storage sheds, kiosks, grandstands and sporting fields.


Applications for the Greater Sydney Sports Facility Fund open tomorrow (1 June 2018) and Ms Voltz, Mr Scully and Ms Stuart have repeated their call for the Berejiklian Government to reverse its ban on Wollongong clubs and allow them to apply for funds.



Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Sport, Lynda Voltz:


“It defies belief that the Berejiklian Government can splurge $2.3 billion on Sydney stadiums while ignoring the needs of sporting clubs in Wollongong.


“This is a devastating exclusion for the nearly 40,000 registered sports participants in Wollongong and they are incredibly angry about it.


“This is yet another example of the wrong priorities of the Berejiklian Government. They should backflip today and allow clubs in the Wollongong local government area to apply.”



Comments attributable to Paul Scully MP:


“The decision to deliberately exclude Wollongong sports clubs from all funding programs to upgrade their facilities is madness.


“Today the Berejiklian Government has a chance to give our clubs a sporting chance by reversing its decision to exclude Wollongong clubs from its funding programs.


“Declaring Wollongong clubs ineligible is the funding equivalent of match fixing – it’s unfair and it should end today before applications open tomorrow.”


Comments attributable to Maryanne Stuart:


“The decision to exclude clubs in the Wollongong local government area from applying splits the electorate of Heathcote into eligible and ineligible with clubs in need of support being excluded at the stroke of a pen.


“Clubs in Helensburgh are screaming out for a chance to apply for some funds to support their sport and improve their facilities.


“It’s only sporting that all clubs be given a chance at applying for grants – it’s time that the Berejiklian Government put Wollongong’s exclusion in the sin bin.”