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April 04, 2018

The 72 step struggle at Unanderra Station will end if a Labor Government is elected in 12 months.


A Foley Labor Government will commit $25 million to upgrade Unanderra Station and install its much needed lifts.


The funding pledge was made during a visit to Unanderra Station this afternoon by Shadow Minister for Transport, Jodi McKay MP, and Member for Wollongong, Paul Scully MP.


Mr Scully also revealed he had visited Transport for NSW on Tuesday to see for himself the design work for the Unanderra Station lifts that have been gathering dust for the last seven years following a GIPA request.


Transport for NSW completed designs for the Unanderra Station lifts in July 2011 but the Berejikilian Government remains stubbornly resistant to funding the project.


The former NSW Labor Government allocated $6.67 million in the 2010-11 Budget to start the upgrade of Unanderra Station, but the O’Farrell Government’s then Transport Minister – now the Premier – cancelled the project and redirected the allocated funds to other upgrades under the Transport Access Program (TAP).


In a pre-budget submission to the Treasurer ahead of the June budget, Mr Scully has again requested funding should be made available so the Unanderra Station lifts project could get started.


Despite ranking ahead of other station upgrades under the TAP criteria, upgrading Unanderra Station has been overlooked time and time again over the last seven years under the Berejiklian Government.


As the community campaign led by the Unanderra Access Group has highlighted, the current 72 step configuration to gain access to the Unanderra Station platform has been a problem for the elderly, parents with prams, commuters with bags, and people with a disability.


In recent years, a number of people have been injured negotiating the 72 steps, including several cases where the injured had to be hospitalised for further treatment.


Comments attributable to Jodi McKay MP:


For many members in the community, no lift or ramp access means they can’t access public transport at all. The Transport Minister needs to explain to commuters using Unanderra Station why they continue to be overlooked.”


“Under the Berejikilian Government, the TAP has been shrouded in secrecy. The Government is putting politics ahead of people with disabilities, ageing or parents with prams.”


“The Government needs to lift its game and fund the installation of lifts at Unanderra Station in the upcoming State budget.”


Comments attributable to Paul Scully MP:


“I want the community of Unanderra and surrounding suburbs to know that a Foley Labor Government will upgrade the Unanderra Station and install the lifts.


“NSW Labor will commit $25 million in the very first Foley Labor Government budget if we are given the privilege of forming the next government in March 2019.


“The 72 step challenge that the elderly, parents with prams, commuters with bags, and people with a disability will be over.


“They will be able to a press a button, get into the lifts, and be safely able to access the Unanderra Station platform to catch their trains at their local station.


“While Labor and I are determined to see the lifts at Unanderra Station, the Berejiklian Government’s priority is a $2.2 billion splurge on Sydney stadiums.


“The Berejiklian Government has just one more chance to match Labor’s commitment in the June budget.”