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June 04, 2018

An upgrade to Unanderra Station has been left off the latest list of Station upgrades announced by Premier Gladys Berejiklian today.


The Premier has today announced that 11 more train stations will receive funding in the upcoming June Budget for easy access but there will be no money allocated for the upgrade of Unanderra Station.


The Premier, who as Minister for Transport, took away the funding allocated by the former Labor Government in 2011 to install the Unanderra Station lifts, clearly has a political vendetta against the people of Unanderra and surrounding suburbs.


Unanderra Station has been previously ranked above many other train stations for easy access improvements, but has been continually left out of its fair share of funding to install its much-needed lifts.


The Premier boasts in today’s announcement that “This is a budget that puts people first…”


Yet, Unanderra Station’s easy access improvements have been put last again, which will rightly anger the elderly, parents with prams, commuters with bags and also importantly, people with a disability.


The Premier - who claims to have been shocked and distressed when she was the Minister for Transport seeing vision of an elderly 80 years old, a stroke victim and double amputee struggling up 72 stairs more than three years ago – is still forcing these same people to struggle up and down 72 steps to gain access to their local trains station, despite nearly 1200 days having passed.


People have been injured on Unanderra Station’s 72 steps and some have had to be hospitalised.


It’s now clear that the only way the Unanderra Station lifts will ever be built is for the people of Unanderra, Berkley, Farmborough Heights and Mt Kembla is to elect a Labor Government in March 2019.


NSW Labor has allocated $25 million for the upgrade of Unanderra Station and installing its much-needed lifts.


Comments attributable to Paul Scully MP:


“It’s now very clear that a Liberal Government will never build the Unanderra Station lifts.


“It’s now also more than clear that the Premier is conducting a political vendetta against the need for the Unanderra Station lifts.


“The Premier’s words that this upcoming budget is all about “putting people first” have been exposed as hollow rubbish.


“The Premier has had nearly eight years to put back the money she stripped away in 2011 as Transport Minister and to build these much-needed lifts at Unanderra Station.


“It is disgraceful that the Premier has overlooked Unanderra again despite the evidence supporting an upgrade.


“Instead she remains stubborn and willing to continue a political vendetta against our elderly, parents with prams, commuters with bags, and people with a disability from safely accessing Unanderra Station.


“It’s another kick in the guts to the people in the local community who just want to do what the rest of the region takes for granted: catch a train safely.


“If the people of Unanderra, Berkeley, Farmborough Heights and Mt Kembla want their local station upgraded and end the 72 step struggle, only a Labor Government will help them to install those lifts.


“I’ve got $25 million ready to go from the very first budget of a Labor Government committed to ending the 72 step struggle once and for all.


“I will never give up the fight to improve access to Unanderra Station – I am determined to see those lifts built.”